Inma Fierro

What I do

I use more flexible ways to express my own ideas, emotions and ownership through memories

I link myself to her daily life, what I do throughout the day.

My artwork manages to collect and withhold all the emotions and feelings of belonging. It is ultimately a personal diary.

How I do

The process can vary widely depending on the subject and the space where it occurs.

I usually work on fabric, paper or wood, using either acrylics, wax crayons, oil paints, or pigments as these are the materials I feel more comfortable using.

However I experiment with glue, varnish, photography and even collage techniques.

My environment

I express my own existence in the “here and now” while drawing references from the past, the journey, to allow myself to contemplate the future.

In order to do this, I use old ideas, thoughts and reflections that I write in the paintings in order to manipulate the concepts my own consciousness and unconsciousness during the creation process, whilst I keep an on-going conversation with myself.